Design is about serving people, and art is an exploration of self.

Considering these differences, how does Chia-Chi find a balance between art and design? 

Chia-Chi earned a Bachelor of Design degree in Industrial Design from Tunghai University in Taiwan and 

graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics. 


With a focus on advanced technologies, and interdisciplinary research,

she is an industrial designer and artist invested in intersections among aesthetics, science, and technology.

Taipei, Taiwan


Mandarin Chinese, English


2017 - 2019  Rhode Island School of Design, Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Ceramics

2008 - 2012  Tunghai University, Bachelor of Design (BD), Industrial Design



2020-present Design Supervisor / Holin International Innovation Co., Ltd, Taipei, Taiwan

                    • Used design thinking to optimize the production machine and the production line

                    • Developed new mass production technologies for B2C & B2B clients 

                    • Proposed design trend for B2C & B2B clients

                    • Coordinated personnel and resources to achieve organizational goals

                    • Coordinated logistics with manufacturers in China and Taiwan

2017 - 2019 Graduate Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Curator, Technician / RISD, Providence, RI

                          Graduate Instructor
                        • Designed and taught the course “Ceramic Form & Surface” / Ceramics Department

                        • Designed and taught the lesson “Flower Arrangement” / Ceramics Department
                        • Trained students on ceramic 3D printing, SLA and FDM 3D printing, UV printing, laser cutting / RISD Co-Works
                        • Mentored students on interdisciplinary projects using a wide range of making technologies / RISD Co-Works

                          Teaching Assistant
                        • Supported the course “Ceramics for Design Major”
                        • Supported the course “Ceramics for Industrial Design Major”
                        • Supported the course “Slip Casting and Mold Making”
                        • Supported the course “Advanced Pottery & Ceramic Production”

                        • Curated and organized an exhibition at the RISD Nature Lab

                        • Maintained the FDM 3D printer and ceramic 3D printer in Ceramics department
                        • Trained students from the different major on FDM 3D printing and ceramic printing

2014 - 2017  Product Designer / Chilin, Taipei, Taiwan

                    • Executed design research, analysis, ideation, product design, design-to-mass-production
                    • Proposed ceramic ware products concepts and concepts for B2C & B2B clients
                    • Designed packaging and manuals
                    • Curated displays for exhibitions and shops
                    • Provided project management, logistics, and client relations support
                    • Work was showcased by National Geographic and the National Palace Museum

2013             Industrial Designer/ Just Mobile, Taichung, Taiwan

                    • Proposed computer accessories concepts 
                    • Designed window displays for our brand in stores 
                    • Designed packaging and manuals for our brand, including icon design 
                    • Coordinated logistics with manufacturers

2012   Design Intern / Kenyon Yeh Studio

2011   Design Intern / GIXIA GROUP


2018  Government scholarships for study abroad, Taipei, Taiwan

2018   RISD Graduate Fellowship, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
2017   RISD Graduate Fellowship, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

2016  The design process of “One-tip Two-leaf Teapot” and “Tea-Picking Girl  Teapot”

          were filmed in the documentary title “Lincentury”, and broadcasted on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Channel

2015  The director chose “Elephant and Peace” for her guests as souvenir 

          for the 90th anniversary of the National Palace Museum

2015  Invited to the opening of associated special exhibitions of 90th anniversary of the National Palace Museum

2018  MFA EXHIBITION ONLINE / Second Place
2018  FRANZ Rising Star Project / Winner

2012  Quanzhou Creative Industrial Festival Design Competition / Golden Prize

2012  The 25th Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition / Bronze Prize

2012  The 31st Young Designers’ Exhibition (Product design) / Excellent Award

2011  Taipei World Design EXPO Campus Promotion Contest / Excellent Award

2010  NUVO Industrial-University Cooperation / Excellent Award

2009  NCTU Glass Design Award / Excellent Award

2008  Mr.Brown Coffee Design Award / Bronze Award


2019  Abled Differently, 20 Washington Place, Providence, RI

2019  RISD GRAD SHOW, Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI

2019  Prior-Things, Gelman Gallery, Providence, RI          

          (In aims to form a stronger bond between Art and Science, Brown Science students and RISD art students

           were paired to collaborate and complete a project melding their interests.)
2019  Flora and Fauna, Nature Lab, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

2018  Redefining Monuments, Contemporary Reflections on Fort Adams, Newport, RI
          (Students engaged in research and artistic interpretation as a response to the history, 

           and sense of place at Fort Adams and develop an independent  or collaborative proposal for a site-specific installation.)

2018  Duality, Waterman Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

2017  Dirt Eating Kids, Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI

2012  The 25th Koizumi International Lighting Design Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

2012  Quanzhou Creative Industrial Festival Design EXPO, Fujian, China

2012  The 31st Young Designers’ Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

2012  A+ Creative Festival Design Exhibition, Taichung, Taiwan

2011  Taipei World Design EXPO, Taipei, Taiwan

2010  Industrial Designers’ Week, Taichung, Taiwan

2009  NCTU Glass Design Award Exhibition, Hsinchu, Taiwan


2019  Abled Differently, RISDiversity I Community Narratives, Providence, RI
2018  Regular, MFA Exhibition Online Gallery, Montana, MT
2018  Rising Star Online Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


2012  Liouduei Culture Design (with Pingtung Municipal Government)

2011  Young Designer Workshop (with Designer Chiaki Murata, Japan)

2011  International Guest Lecture and Workshop (with Designer Win Marseille, Netherlands)

2009  Green Tableware International Workshop (with Designer Chris Copley, US / Han-Ning, Chang Taiwan)