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Bloom For Yourself
This series is about the abstract bust.
Life is like blooming and enduring, 
so this work is similar to bust as well as flower.
Hoping everyone can bloom and become a beautiful flower for yourself.
Attractive flowers
During the process of blooming for yourself, you attracted a group of buddies.
This is the law of attraction!
Still a beautiful flower
Not knowing which way is the right direction when we got lost.
Not knowing where destiny will lead us when we feel lost.
In fact, no matter what,
You will be blooming for yourself and will still be a beautiful flower. 
Fortunately, finally bloomed
Practice makes perfect is a terrible thing,
Often practice giving up will make it easier to give up on other things!
Is there anything that gave you joy for a long time
because you never gave up and finally bloomed?
Looking into the distance
you need to work harder and longer in order to bloom at the higher place.
It’s gonna be extremely tiring,
yet you will be the flower that looking into the distance.
Tiny Tiny Flower
Ordinary, satisfied and, grateful.
Even if it’s tiny,
It’s happy and completed.