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Deep missing
- For those things I can’t tell anyone,
  Just tell the ocean.
  Waves by waves, 
  the feeling of missing you will pass far away quietly.
  I miss you but I can’t tell you, because I shouldn't fall in love with you.
  I can only tell the ocean, because we are not supposed to be together.
- Parted and connected by the deep wide ocean,
  all the feelings of missing you can finally reach you
  through the ocean.
   Do you feel me?
   Although we are in different countries right now,
   I want to make sure you know I will always love you.
- Let the waves swallow the sorrows you have written on the sand.
  Let the hush_____hush________
  cleanse the sadness you have been through.
  There was no wrong or right.
  It’s just we were in different positions.
- Go to the beach!
  Lay on the sand and allow the ocean to embrace all your flaws.
  Forgive yourself.
  No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes,  
  but it’s okay to be not perfect and make mistakes.
  If we can comfort other people like that,
  Why don’t we forgive ourselves? 
The concept of this piece is about secrets, something I do not want most people to know.
Still, it is really hard for me to digest all of it alone.
Only the people who really care about me can be aware of the feelings behind my facial expressions. Because they will take time to understand me.
The sculptures themselves are also like figures.
Sometimes people tend to hide their real feelings by making themselves look nice,
like wearing expensive necklaces or acting tough and independent.
But, what is behind all this? Sensitivity, vulnerability, fragility.