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Dream & Finance
Bronze, ceramic cone, coin 

Worked as an industrial designer before I went to Rhode Island School of Design(RISD),

it was hard to decide whether I should spend all my saving and get a student loan in order to soak myself in arts which I didn't have much experience, especially my later major - Ceramics.


However, I wanted to expose myself to an art environment,

I wanted to know what is the difference between art and design,

I wanted to know in what way I can bring art into design or combine them together,

so I chose to get enroll in RISD.


It was just so hard to find a balance between Dream & Finance.


My inspiration was coming from a balance,

so I used triangle element to go through all the design in Dream & Finance.


I put a coin in a cone and I put a ceramic cone, remark 1, in the other cone. 

Both lengths can be adjusted, if one is shorter and the other one would be longer,

just like finding the balance between the two of them.


Remark 1:

The pyrometric cone is "A pyramid with a triangular base and of a defined shape and size;

the "cone" is shaped from a carefully proportioned and uniformly mixed batch of ceramic materials

so that when it is heated under stated conditions, it will bend due to softening,

the tip of the cone becoming level with the base at a definitive temperature.   


-from Wikipedia