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The Movements in Nature
Soft waves, soft clouds, soft grass,
In the ocean, in the sky, on the ground.
Mellow, smooth, satisfying,
No sharpness, no harm, just round circles.
Imagination of the mixture of the nature.
I like to look up to the sky, lay down on the beach or on the grass. 
Thinking something complicated or just thinking about nothing. 
Nature teaches me.
I learn how to embrace myself ; I learn how to cherish myself ;
I learn how to forgive myself ; and I learn how to love myself.  
The movements in nature are all different in every second,
like all the challenges in my life are different. As time goes by,
my temper becomes softer, just like the waves become smoother when it is reaching the beach ;
my grief blows away just like the clouds fly away ;
my heart feels at ease and gets stronger just like grass is growing in solid soil. 
At first, I thought nature provided people with peaceful feelings.
I tried to make something look satisfying, peaceful and can let viewers feel calm.
However, as I was making the work, I found nature can be loud, can be quiet, can be chaos,
can be amicable, can be commotion, can be tranquil.
For this project, I played with gravity and space.
By using 3-dimensional forms, I provide the circles with shadow and created an atmosphere of movements. However, the sculptures themselves are still static. It is between loud and quiet,
between chaotic and amicable and between commotion and tranquility. It is the movements in nature.